Meetings & Events

As BAAR develops, we plan to have annual or semi-annual conferences to support the members and related community.  We are excited to inform you of the upcoming events below.


Save the Date!

2nd Conference of the Brazilian Association for Aerosol Research

PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1-5 August 2011

On behalf of the Brazilian Association for Aerosol Research, we cordially invite you to join us in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for our 2nd Conference in 2011!  This is your opportunity to meet with other aerosol scientists and learn of the latest advances in all frontiers of aerosol science and technology. In addition to presenting your most recent results, you can renew past acquaintances, meet new colleagues, and network with academia, government, and industry researchers.

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Previous Events

1st Meeting of the Brazilian Association for Aerosol Research

21-24 November

Maksoud Plaza 
Hotel - São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
 Department of Fundamental Chemistry, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Physics, and University of Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

The first BAAR Meeting gathered a group of some 50 professionals, and was
Antonio Horacio Miguel, Maria de Fatima Andrade and 
Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto. Following are some of the details from that Meeting.


Antonio Horacio Miguel

Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto

Maria de Fatima Andrade

Scientific Committee

Alberto Setzer (National Institute for Space Research/INPE, São Jose dos Campos, São Paulo)
Antonio Horacio Miguel (University of São Paulo)
Carlos Alberto Frondizi (Energetica, Rio de Janeiro)
Claudio Darwin Alonso (CETESB, São Paulo)
Foster Brown (Federal Fluminense University/UFF, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro)
Gabriel Branco (CETESB, São Paulo)
Jailson Bittencourt de Andrade (Federal University of Bahia)
John L. Maddock (Federal Fluminense University/UFF, Viteroi, Rio de Janeiro)
Lilian Rotschield F. de Carvalho (University of São Paulo)
Maria de Fatima Andrade (University of São Paulo)
Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto (University of São Paulo)
Tania Mascarenhas Tavares (Federal University of Bahia)
Wolfgang Christian Pfeiffer (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)


1. Introduction to Aerosol Dynamics I and II (Antonio Horacio Miguel)

2. Aerosol Sampling (Jailson Bittencourt de Andrade)
3. Biological Aerosols (Ann Gunsalus Miguel)
4. Characterization of Aerosols (Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto)

5. Receptor Modeling (Maria de Fatima Andrade)

Keynote Address

Recent Developments in Aerosol
 Science –


Nanoaerosols - Richard C. Flagan (Caltech)
The Global Aerosol: Certainties and Uncertainties - Helmuth Horvath (University of Vienna)

Click here for historical information about the 1st BAAR kick-off meeting as well as previous events from the Brazilian Association for Aerosol Research.