Welcome to BAAR!

The Brazilian Association for Aerosol Research (BAAR) (Associação Brasileira para Pesquisa de Aerossol) is a nonprofit professional organization for scientists and engineers. Its mission is to promote and communicate technical advances in the field of aerosol research and technology through conferences and symposia.

Association membership represents all areas of aerosol science and engineering including: Aerosol Physics, Air Pollution, Aerosol Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Bioaerosols, Combustion, Filtration/Separation, Global Environment, Instrumentation/Measurement, Material Synthesis, Metrology/Standards, Microcontamination, Microenvironment and Indoor Air and Quality, Occupational and Public Health, Pharmaceutical Aerosols, and Radioactive Aerosols/Nuclear Safety.

BAAR is committed to the development of aerosol science and its application to important societal issues, providing an international forum for education, communication, and networking among leading aerosol researchers.



We would like to thank the following supporters of the 2nd BAAR Conference 2011!

Petrobras TSI Incorporated
Droplet Measurement Technologies MSP Corporation Almont do Brasil
Governo do Rio de Janeiro INEA - Instituto Estadual do Ambiente
JCTM e Ecotech BGI